Wendy continues to develop workshops that help propel leaders and teams.

From contemplative and visionary to adventurous to motivating, she’ll customize one of her signature workshops to work for you. Please contact Wendy if you are interested in any of the workshops below.
Workshop in the Wilderness

LEADERSHIP EXPANSION AND SHIFT Adventure Retreat TBD We shape ourselves to our surroundings: people, jobs, expectations, and family. Stripped of all these influences, who are you? What will you try? What are you willing to do? Who will you become? Imagine immersing yourself in the quiet serenity of the wilderness while also challenging your body to do more with less. Surrounded by the breathtaking Beartooth Wilderness, leaders will marvel at the time and space provided by nature that allows for exploration, shifts perspective and challenges your leadership. Practice embodying your leadership and apply it in a stressful environment as you practice doing and being the leader you want to become. What is then possible for you, your team and your organization from this new place of leadership? Returning to the front country will challenge the embodiment of your leadership and this unique backcountry experience promises to resonate within as you expand the possibilities for your leadership. Email Wendy if you are interested in signing up or would like more details.

Nature's Leadership

EMBODYING LEADERSHIP Women in Nature Leadership Series TBD Imagine a dedicated time and place where you can return to discover, recover or uncover your personal leadership journey. For some, this may be the yoga mat or a place of meditation. Others may need more space and support to step into the practice of embodying their leadership and its potential. Come join Wendy to challenge and engage in your own leadership practices and growth while experiencing nature. Bring your open mind, wear something comfortable, as we use walking in nature as a means to discover, uncover and recover leading our own personal life journey. Want to know more? Email Wendy.

Shape Your Leadership Future

A workshop to help young leaders acquire new tools that are necessary for taking the next step toward becoming a leader. Want to know more? Email Wendy.

Community Spark! Idea Workshops

A three-hour commitment in which you are encouraged to bring your ideas forward to further the development of your local community. Want to know more? Email Wendy.