Dynamic environments challenge even the best high-performing leader.

Wendy loves what she does and it's apparent in her coaching style, facilitation and leadership development approach.

A keen observer and great listener, Wendy approaches each challenge, well, like a coach. She begins with a thoughtful, individualized intake, to find out what each client's personal and organizational challenges are. And from that deeper understanding, she reaches into her robust toolkit to creatively design and develop a plan that works for each individual client and team.

Like athletes, leaders can push the boundaries of their talent and impact an organization in the short-term. Over time however, athletes, leaders and organizations can diminish in stamina and their skills can plateau. Leadership requires the ability to notice that fine-tuning is necessary to enhance performance of the individual and/or the organization. Reflective leaders and facilitation participants can upgrade their skillset by unlearning old habits and adapting new skills to face more intense challenges present in dynamic organizations.