On Facilitation

Wendy facilitated two sessions for my organization, helping to build collaboration and strengthen communication. Wendy was wonderful to work with - she brought humor and thoughtfulness to the experience, was accessible and available throughout the planning process, and was genuinely invested in helping us to reach a satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend Wendy's facilitation services and would not hesitate to work with her again.

— Alyssa Schwartz, Interim Executive Director at Association Montessori International/USA
Wendy has provided a key learning experience for the Fellows in the Dog Tag, Inc. fellowship program since it began in 2014. She brings her entrepreneurial story to light as she shares the challenges and excitements of starting and operating a business, and as that business is a leadership coaching one, she also takes the Fellows through a coach-learning experience. Working with Wendy, we've positioned this lesson to take place early in the program and focus on helping the team, through a team coaching event, to come together and begin the process of thriving as a unit. Her insight, her careful consideration of who is in the room and what they are experiencing, and her quick ability to modify and adapt in the moment, has provided over and over again a meaningful and lasting lesson. Many of the Fellows connect so well with Wendy and her story that they are inspired to stay in touch and share their own entrepreneurial actions with Wendy. She quite generously maintains those connections and has been a supporter for many as they start their own enterprises. Dog Tag, Inc. is lucky to have Wendy as a part of the learning experience and fellowship program. I highly recommend working with Wendy to achieve a business and team coaching goal as the outcomes thus far have been nothing other than amazing.

— Kyle Burns, Senior Director Fellowship Program, Dog Tag Inc.


On Coaching

Wendy was my amazing coach during the 2015 Leadership Essentials Program at Loyola University. She was very effective in her coaching methods. She helped me learn in ways that will allow me to keep growing afterward. She encouraged me to believe in myself and exhorted me to reach new heights. She held me accountable for the action plans I developed. Wendy is a phenomenon and I was very fortunate to have met her.

— Uche Maple, MBA, JHU Applied Physics Lab


On Leadership Development

Wendy has provided thoughtful, creative and energetic leadership in her role as Lead for Coach Development in the Leadership Essentials program. She has managed the coach development program from soup to nuts, introducing interesting topics, collaborating to secure terrific facilitators, asking for and listening to feedback from her peer coaches. It is really a unique position, to be a member of the coach community and lead the effort for development of that community!

— Lori Fuchs, Consultant Program Manager, Loyola University Maryland