We inspire leaders to find and integrate their passion, energy and purpose in order to embody and communicate their vision clearly in service to their teams, organizations and communities.


Being a great leader is like being an elite athlete. It demands fine-tuning to increase performance including training, repetition and learning new techniques. Leaders also plateau like athletes and therefore they have to train in advance for more intense leadership challenges and to unlearn old habits or develop new skills. Leadership and executive coaching are similar to customized interval training: learning is intensified and accelerated, new skills are learned and practiced, and possibilities are discovered and envisioned. Coaching provides a trusting, non-judgmental environment where leaders can focus, hear their own voice and discover where they, their teams and their organizations need to grow.




Wendy’s leadership style is engaging, genuine, open-minded and fun. She provides leaders time and space to rediscover their sweet spot of leadership; where they are relaxed enough to see the big picture, engaged enough to hear the offerings from their teams, and where they can move efficiently towards achieving their goals. From this place, leaders are energized to continue on their trajectory towards the vision they have for themselves, their teams and their organization. Wendy creates a similar environment when facilitating where learners can both cognitively and physically adapt their leadership to the new tools offered.

Awareness is magnified. New possibilities emerge. Energy and empowerment surface.

What is Your Vision?

Do you have one? What is it? Do you clearly communicate your vision to your team? Have they embraced it? We can help create continuity and alignment.

What Are You Thinking?

Need time to be strategic? We can help you carve out that time and develop those thoughts into action – and then open up to pure possibility.

How’s Your Team?

Are you working on cohesion? Do they have a shared purpose? Are there young leaders waiting to be discovered?

Gain Perspective

What will things look like in ten years? We can help you articulate that perspective.